Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In honorable remembrance of Thoreau

I have always had the highest respect for him. Being a tree hugging dirt worshipper, there is a beautifully "illustrated" (i.e. they're paintings) picture book on Thoreau that Lauren and I have read many, many....many times: Henry David's House.

But I digress....what made me think of him is this new book that I am starting on: How to be idle. There is a whole website dedicated to idleness and Thoreau is one held up for his idleness (as a virtue). As I browsed the site, I came across the idle parent section and book, but I especially loved this:


We reject the idea that parenting requires hard work
We pledge to leave our children alone
We reject the rampant consumerism that invades children from the moment they are born
We read them poetry and fantastic stories without morals
We drink alcohol without guilt
We reject the inner Puritan
We don’t waste money on family days out and holidays
An idle parent is a thrifty parent
An idle parent is a creative parent
We lie in bed for as long as possible
We try not to interfere
We play in the fields and forests
We push them into the garden and shut the door so we can clean the house
We both work as little as possible, particularly when the kids are small
Time is more important than money
Happy mess is better than miserable tidiness
Down with school
We fill the house with music and merriment
We reject health and safety guidelines
We embrace responsibility
There are many paths
More play, less work"

Though I don't agree one hundred percent with every tenet, I love the spirit of it! Enjoy....I hope that it made you chuckle too!

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