Sunday, August 7, 2011

Carlsbad, New Mexico or Carlsbad, California?

As the Mercury Insurance Open tournament wraps up, I am reminded of the humorous misadventure of one of the players-Bojana Jovanovski. According to, her agent sent her to the wrong Carlsbad for the tournament. The tournament was being held in Carlsbad, California, but she flew to Carlsbad, New Mexico! After spending the night there, she flew to the right Carlsbad-900 miles away.

What is so amusing about this mishap is that this is not the first time that there has been confusion between these two Carlsbad’s. Back when railroads were the main source of transport for goods, the Atkinson & Santa Fe Railway must have experienced mix-ups as well because they decided to rename our station to prevent confusion between the two. They changed it to Carl. This happened in 1907 when Carlsbad was only about 20 years old. However, the people who lived here already felt a great sense of pride and were none-to-pleased with the name change. They complained and petitioned, and finally in 1917, our station was changed back to Carlsbad.

To read about how our Carlsbad- Carlsbad, California got its name, see:

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