Monday, December 19, 2011

An interpretation of Title Nine from 1977

From the 1977 Carlsbad High School Yearbook:

“Title Nein(9)

In 1972 the Federal Congress completed the last stages of the Educational Amendment Title Nine. It took five years to complete from the first initial stage to the time it was enacted.
Title Nine is a portion of the Federal Education Amendment which prohibits sex discrimination and segregation in education.
The effects Title Nine has had on Carlsbad High School’s activities and clubs has been tremendous. Girls activities have been hardest hit with this new rule. Such activities as the Girls’ Glee Club can no longer retain their old name because it is discriminating. The group is now called the Treble Choir. One of the most favored mock sports for girls is Girls’ Powderpuff Football. This name is also to be changed , to Superbowl. The reason because girls might become offended by the old name. Traditionally we have had the boys dress up as cheerleaders on Powderpuff day. This is now no longer allowed, because it is discriminating against both sexes. The reason behind these is beyond my comprehension. Half the fun of such activities are the little crazy things students do, such as boy cheerleaders dressed up as girls.
To pick a Homecoming Queen is a tradition which is an honor to any girl. But now, so that neither sexes be discriminated against, it is required that we have both a homecoming queen and king. In my opinion, boys have never cared much about being king, but rather in kissing the queen – well and fitting.
In a student survey, one out of every 10 students said that it was foolish or corny. This survey included both boys and girls. Evidently, they do not feel threatened by tradition.
Title Nine is indicative of the age of women’s liberation, and reflects a sudden awareness and a new interpretation of an event that has existed since Adam and Eve in the garden. It has its good points, but as many things today, it has been so overworked and interpreted that it is taking on a definite air of absurdity.”

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