Tuesday, July 31, 2012

17th Century Misbehavior....

Here are some excerpts from Ye Kingdome of Accawmacke or the Eastern Shore of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century by Jennings Cropper Wise, which remind us once again that our ancestors were not wiser, kinder, or more Godly than us...but it doesn't hurt for us to continue our attempts at perfecting our human condition: "...the Rev. Mr. Treakle...[was accused of] improper relations with Lady Scarborough and combining with her to poison [her husband]..." (p. 101-102) "Upon the 2nd day of August, 1641, Goody Curtis was trying to milk her cow in the cowpen of the Widow Taylor, but the cow was not used to that pen and became restive. Goody lost her temper and cross words passed between her and Mrs. Taylor, who was looking on and no doubt making silly suggestions as women are wont at times to do. There upon the good ladies fell to calling each other bad names, ending in Mrs. Taylor smacking Mrs. Curtis's face, for which breach of the peace, the Court 'Ordered that the Widow Taylor shoall pay unto John Curtis or anie other for his use, one potte of milk per daye, at the cowpen of the Widdowe [sic] Taylor until the last of September next, and pay all charges expended in this suite." (p. 44-45)

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