Monday, October 19, 2009


As an artist, if I am feeling in the need of inspiration...I can go to a museum or a gallery and it doesn't take long for me to feel like I need to hurry home and create something myself! Today however, inspiration actually came by just talking to another artist. In the Saturday bulletin, there was a flier for All Saints' Day that included a lovely watercolor of two children playing dress up in the attic of a house. Our priest mentioned that the painting had been done by the church secretary. Today, when I saw her (I am creating an archive for the church-it is the oldest in Carlsbad, built in they have a few items :) !), I told her that she had been given away at the service. We began to talk about art after I told her that I have my degree in art and also paint (okay, I haven't for awhile, but I have painted, but I still consider myself a painter!)

We have made plans to do some plein-air painting together in La Jolla, as well as go to the Watts Atelier on a Friday night to do some figure sketching!

Most importantly for me, in this the inspiration I received from talking about art with a fellow artist. Tonight, Lauren and I created assemblage & collage art cards...and have created even more inspiration for the both of us....we are going to do more! It was so fun...Lauren plans on keeping hers...I'll be using mine! A side benefit was the together-time that Lauren and I had the chance to have tonight, creating and talking and sharing...."priceless!" and I am thankful for that! :)

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